How will i start? I’m not really good at this but I’ve been dreaming of sharing a piece of my life to anyone or maybe everyone in this blog thing.

I just got a job fifteen days ago. Yes, 15 days ago and I just got my first salary. I was happy, more than happy I think. I received 8,463.33 pesos loaded in my account for being a trainee in my dream job as a structural designer.

Maybe you’re thinking, so what?

Let me tell you a story. I grew up in a colorful and peaceful province here in the Philippines with of course, my mother, a laundrywoman, my father who was sometimes a farmer but most of the time was unemployed and my seven siblings. A big family right?. When I was a kid I didn’t know how hard life is? We all know that ‘coz we have our parents supporting us, giving us our basic needs. I mean maybe not all of us but generally speaking, we are. But as I grew older, I realized that it’s hard, it really was. I realized that I was a poor kid from a poor family living a poor life.

I remember those times going to school having no money and taking only coffee and a piece of bread for breakfast, a rip shorts and a rusty shirt, a bag with dis functioning zip and dying strap, an inch of pencil, a talk of shit to get some paper from your seatmate ‘coz you can’t afford one, a toothbrush with salt for clean teeth, a bath soap for shampoo or no soap at all, just wet hair before you go to school, a “I think that’s delicious, can I have some?” for a recess and a pair of dirty and about a less than centimeter “thin” slippers. That’s it. Those were just some perks of having a big family, of being penniless, of being poor. Do you think I should cry now?

I might say during that time, I got jealous of the things that others have and I don’t. But this poor life made me realized that people were not born having the same life and it’s no ones’ fault if I was stuck in this so redundant “poor” life.

But “poor” is just a word. I strive hard and my parents strive harder but later on as I grew up  and started to grasp everything about living, I learned to step up.

Working during summer, taking every sideline job, and being a little bit social climber but not taking it seriously just to have your meals for free ‘coz those “RK”(rich kid) pay those.(it helps a little. ahaha).

And the rest is history.

“Money was just money. If you want it, all you just need is to earn it and it’s up to you how.”

This popped onto my mind. It’s right, absolutely.

Now, I’m living a life in a big city of Manila, full of struggles but I might say, I’m on my way on having a comfortable life.

[Written on October 1, 2015, a grammatically not so good blog]